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Ultimate Costco prank

Posted by / April 28, 2010

Usually the best thing about a trip to Costco is free samples, or maybe a bathtub-sized tub of cheeseballs, but one prankster in Sacramento decided to mix up the warehouse club shenanigans.

Rob Cockerham noticed that the price stickers at Costco looked quite generic (read: easy to duplicate) and whipped up his own with entertaining product names like “Goat Balls” and “Drunk Food.” Cockerham also enlisted the help of folks across the U.S., sending volunteers out to their own local Costco stores to post the fake price stickers.

The result? Hilarity and more than a few confused shoppers.





Full story and gallery at Cockeyed.

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[Update: Looks like Costco didn’t find Rob’s prank very funny and the original post has been removed, but you can still read more at Boing Boing.]

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  • Pop_Goes_Slappy

    Redirect page says "The Costco Prank has been removed." Hmmm, looks like some Big Box Store was less than amused!