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What’s wrong with the Big Bang Theory?

Posted by / August 7, 2018

There are two opinions about the Big Bang Theory. Either people love it, or they think it’s literally the worst thing ever to happen to television. If you’re in the former camp, you’re not going to get much out of this video––unless you are open to enlightenment. Because dang. This show is really bad. This video explains why the show is inherently meaningless because its references are meaningless, and that’s where the show went wrong.

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  • You PEOPLE don’t know a good show when you see it. Yes it’s stupid sometimes but its young people acting like IDIOTS in this time age. Not everybody is smart and can understand a GAY guy marrying a straight girl, Your Gay your GAY!!!! Just like the show HOW I MEET YOUR MOTHER!!!!! HE is GAY chasing women who wrote the script???? A straight writer who is ruining both shows!!!!

  • hi,
    nice article on big bang theory