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Where are they now? The original Microsoft posse

Posted by / January 27, 2011


Before they moved their now-legendary startup from Albuquerque to Seattle, these crazy dreamers decided to snap this snazzy group shot using a free portrait won by employee Bob Greenberg (who would eventually help his family’s company develop the Cabbage Patch Kid).

Other than Bill Gates and Paul Allen, whose fates are well known, where did destiny lead the other founding employees of Microsoft?

Andrea Lewis


Andrea Lewis, the company’s technical writer, left in 1983 to pursue a career in freelance journalism and fiction writing likely aided by the options she received from the company. The AP estimated her worth at $2 million.

Bob O’Rear


Bob O’Rear has nothing if not a fascinating resume…and an estimated worth of $100 million. When the U.S. landed on the moon, he was working in Mission Control, as chief mathematician at Microsoft he “…is credited with reworking code in DOS, and getting it onto IBM PCs,” and he now resides in Texas working as a cattle rancher.

Full story at Business Insider.

Snapshots from the Microsoft family album.

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