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World map of beer [map]

Posted by / August 24, 2013


Though we hate to label countries, you can tell a lot about a place by its taste in beer, so The Logo Company decided to throw together this map of the world wherein each country is identified by their favorite brew.

Via The Logo Company.

The geography of beer.

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  • Jan Paesen

    The biggest beer country isn’t even on … Belgium. Putting Heineken on Belgium is even an insult being the home country of the worlds biggest brewery InBev (Stella Artois, Leffe, Hoegaerden, …)

  • Keri

    You won’t find anyone in Australia drinking fosters! they have decent beers there unlike that muck.

  • Scandinavian countries + Netherlands drink beer and speak 100% English
    Germans drinks beer and the younger people can speak English
    The French, Italians & Spanish drink wine – and very few can speak English

    So, in Europe, the beer drinkers speak English and the wine drinkers don’t !


  • Billy

    New Zealand isn’t Australia. Your map is stupid.