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8-year-old girl finds 1,500-year-old pre-Viking sword in Swedish lake

Saga Vanecek was on vacation with her family, playing around in a lake as eight-year-olds do. During her play, she found what seemed to be a weird-looking stick. It turned out to be something incredible: a sword. A really, really old word. “The sword was initially reported to be 1,000 years old, but experts at the local museum now believe it may date to around 1,500 years ago.” That means that the sword actually pre-dates the Vikings. The lake is now being searched for more ancient artifacts.

Full story at BBC.

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  • Maninder Singh Kumar

    The antiquity of the artefact is not to be doubted, but what makes a kid find stuff like this is to be questioned. Could it be that perhaps Saga has a history that is as old as the sword, could it be that it had a purpose she will discover later on. The purpose usually comes from the age old conundrum of God versus power that may be.

    She found the sword so that it may be re-established in her life that re-birth is a real phenomenon.