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Bill Weld is first prominent Republican to challenge Trump in 2020 elections

Posted by / February 16, 2019

Bill Weld, the former governor of Massachusetts, has announced that he will attempt to challenge sitting president Donald Trump for the 2020 Republican nomination. Challenging a sitting president is an immensely challenging proposition, but Weld is ready for the fight: “In every country, there comes a time when patriotic men and women must stand up and speak out,” he said. “In our country, this is such a time.”

Weld plans to run on a traditional Republican platform: fiscal responsibility. His real difference, he believes, will be his style. Weld will not only need to raise tremendous amounts of money to win the nomination, but he will also need to overcome the Trumpian shift the GOP has made in the past few years and Trump’s popularity with Republican voters. Weld says that the Republican support of Trump is “Stockholm syndrome.”

But Weld does not mind losing the nomination if it means weakening Trump for the general election. Weld, in short, would rather see Trump lose to a Democrat then have four more years of what he called Trump’s “antics.”

The Associate Press reports that Weld will not be the only Republican to challenge Trump. An aide to former Ohio Gov. John Kasich said that Kasich may run as well. With multiple high-profile challengers on the ticket, Trump may be in real peril in 2020.

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