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Bombshell report reveals Trump millions in debt to lenders and IRS, with loans soon due

Posted by / September 29, 2020

There’s been a coordinated effort from multiple parties to sabotage President Trump’s 2020 chances. The most recent prong of the attack came from the New York Times, which revealed that Trump is hundreds of millions of dollars in debt and has been exploiting every tax loophole he can to the extent that he only paid $750 in 2016. and 2017. Some outlets suggest that his failing businesses and hemorrhaging money aren’t the real story––the real story is that his debts are coming due soon. We have to wonder––what power will his debt-holders have over him?

The other attack on Trump came from Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire one-time Democratic presidential hopeful, who is rolling out a whopping $40 million ad campaign to boost Biden’s chances in Florida, a key swing state. This is part of a wider campaign to win Florida for Biden. Bloomberg has also paid the fines of some 32,000 Florida felons, clearing the way for them to vote. This is a brilliant move on the former presidential candidate hopeful, as Florida has long participated in sketchy disenfranchisement schemes to block Democrats.

A group of 106 bipartisan Arizona military vets have endorsed Joe Biden for president, a move meant to offset Mike Pence’s upcoming “Veterans for Trump” rally in that state.  After news broke that he called our war dead “suckers” and “losers,” and after he insulted evangelicals behind their backs, and after the Woodward tapes came out, Trump’s poll numbers are also falling.

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