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Can aliens see the earth?

Posted by / March 11, 2018

Scientists and space fans alike love to look for and celebrate the discovery of exoplanets––that is, planets that exist outside our solar system. But what about the reverse. If aliens exist on other planets, can they see us? This video explores the known technologies to find exoplanets and then explains how easy (or rather, hard) it would be to find our planet. Bad news everyone: the odds of seeing earth are pretty darn slim.

Full story at YouTube.

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    Of course they can see planet earth. But they can see how screwed up this planet is. School shootings, people on the streets killing each other. Do you think they want to poison them self too ?

  • so scare

  • hey are thousands if not millions of years ahead of us. thats why they dont talk to us. we are nothing but bugs to them.

  • OMG! This is mind-blowing,hope aliens never keep their interest on earth.. 🙂

  • I don’t think aliens are real, according to me there’s no other power than human.

  • Thank you for this wonderful Article!