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Cell phone data suggests lockdown protests are spreading COVID far and wide

Posted by / May 20, 2020

Cell phone data suggests that anti-lockdown protestors are traveling across state lines to gather and protest, potentially spreading COVID to places that have seen little activity until now.

Images from a recent rally––tweeted by Trump––show hundreds of pro-Trump supporters in close quarters and not wearing masks. That makes contracting COVID much more likely.

Although Trump is proudly touting his COVID response and claiming that the number of cases have fallen, a leaked White House report shows that cases are spiking. Rural areas in particularly are suffering––ironically the root of his support––and seeing spikes in infection rates as much as 1000%.

According to an exclusive report by the Associated Press, high-level members of the Trump administration intentionally shelved and buried a CDC report with guidelines for safely reopening the country. The document, entitled “Guidance for Implementing the Opening Up America Again Framework,” was meant to help business owners, educators, and faith leaders open safely. After a back-and-forth with top White House officials, the document was killed.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo says that he refuses to open up New York’s economy if it means sacrificing lives, calling the calculus absurd. Meanwhile President Trump continues to push for opening the U.S. economy regardless of the cost.

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