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How are there such cool shots of the SpaceX launch?

Posted by / February 17, 2018

Recently, the world watched with rapt attention as SpaceX took to the sky and then landed again. People all over the world were going nuts over this, to put it less poetically. They were going so crazy, in fact, that no one really stopped to ask how they were watching it. That is, what is the technology that makes this incredible footage possible? It definitely can’t be done with a standard DSLR or camcorder. This video explains how it was done.

Full story at YouTube.

More great photography.

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  • Next time I need to talk with Elon to send in space something from us 😉 Conspiration theories says that the land on the moon was fake and we never been there. I think their evolution ended on the Stone Age. It’s amazing what we can do now, hard to think that we got so far thanks to the von Braun…