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The Covington High School Washington D.C. incident, explained

Posted by / January 23, 2019

Unless you have been paying close attention, the incident in Washington D.C. involving students from Covington Catholic High School and a Native American man is very confusing.

It started when a video went viral. The video appeared to show (as this Reddit post reads): “Guy with a MAGA hat mocking a elder Native American protestor.”

The video went off like a bomb. Internet denizens went bananas, calling the kid, in essence, a racist punk. Journalists jumped on the bandwagon, reporting the event as though the kid had been intentionally harassing the Native American man. One journalist was eventually fired for wishing death on the Convington students. Things got so bad that the school had to close for fear of its students’ safety amidst protests and demonstrations.

A few days later, another video emerged showing a fuller encounter. It turns out that a racist hate-group called the Hebrew Israelites started shouting at the high school students, and the Native American man attempted to calm the situation by marching into the middle and beating a drum. Because, of course, nothing says “calm down” like staring a kid in the face while beating a drum.

By now, most media outlets realized they screwed up, but few are actually showing contrition. See, for example, this New York Times opinion piece. Vox, unsurprisingly, refuses to back down entirely and still blames the boys.

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