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Why the Democrats will keep losing major elections

Posted by / November 28, 2018

Despite the Democrat’s impressive gains in the House during this past midterm election, they failed to gain bring in any Senate seats. That indicates that, despite Donald Trump’s abysmal and worsening approval rating, a 2020 Trump victory is not only possible but also likely. That’s because, although Trump’s approval is low, significant voting blocs are simply unwilling to vote for the Democratic party because of party’s handling of race relations.

Essentially, the problem is that Democrats have aligned themselves with a progressive ideology that, to many whites, seems anti-white. The Part’s far-left turn has raised some eyebrows. Note this New York Times point:

Take the issue of discrimination as a factor holding back African-American advancement. White liberals are to the left of black Democrats, placing a much stronger emphasis than African-Americans on the role of discrimination and much less emphasis on the importance of individual effort.

What this tells us is that the Democratic Party has gone so far left that it is alienating more moderate whites––to say nothing of conservative whites. Race is an important factor in U.S. elections, so alienating white voters is simply bad strategy. Rather than imply that whites are bad, for example, this Nation piece suggests that the issue of race be confronted head on, with historical facts and nuance.

Sixty percent of Americans disapprove of Trump’s handling of race relations, leaving a significant door open for Democrats who want to woo voters. It will be challenging, however, not to pander ot the extreme base given how social media preferences such binary language.

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