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Donald Trump forgot the words to the national anthem

Posted by / November 11, 2019

Recently released footage of Donald Trump at a college football game shows the president apparently forgetting the words to the national anthem. He stops singing before the last line, and then looks around––when he sees people still singing, he continues. At least, that’s how the Independent views it. I think it’s fair to speculate that Trump may have stopped singing because that line has a note that’s hard to hit.

But whatever the reality, this event will contribute to the narrative that Trump is losing his marbles.  According to sources near Trump, he stumbles, slurs, and gets confused.

What’s more, these events continue to call into question Trump’s competence. Last month, Trump tweeted an image of a failed rocket launch in Iran. He taunted Iran, sending “Iran best wishes and good luck in determining what happened.” But the joke was not on Iran, it was on Trump, because by sending that image into the ether he offered what experts say is a goldmine of information.

One expert said that the image “identifies for the world (not just Iran) the methods we have attained” for gathering intelligence. “One doesn’t use intel for the purposes of taunting. The Russians and the Chinese will be very happy to study this.”

Another said, “The propensity for saying the quiet part out loud is less amusing when it blows the cover on a multi-decade, multi-president campaign to disrupt Iranian missile and nuclear development with minimal loss of life.”

And things are even worse than that. It appears that the image Trump used came from a spy satellite. What’s worse, amateurs figured out what it was, meaning Russia and China intelligence must now have a great idea of how U.S. gathers intel.

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