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Donald Trump’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Posted by / December 21, 2018

Donald Trump has had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. The Washington Post describes it as a tailspin:

President Trump began Thursday under siege, listening to howls of indignation from conservatives over his border wall and thrusting the government toward a shutdown. He ended it by announcing the exit of the man U.S. allies see as the last guardrail against the president’s erratic behavior: Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, whose resignation letter was a scathing rebuke of Trump’s worldview.

While it’s too soon to tell if it’s a tailspin––because that implies a crash––this week has definitely been rough.

  • The economy is tanking thanks to Trump’s promise to shut down the government over border wall funding.
  • Trump supporters have started a GoFundMe to pay for the wall––the wall that Trump swore up and down that Mexico would pay for. It’s impressive that 160,000+ people have paid about ten million dollars for this, but it’s really, really bad optics for the rest of the nation.
  • Defense Secretary Jim Mattis resigned, likely due to a disagreement over Trump’s insistence on withdrawing troops from Syria.
  • That resignation exposed major issues between the GOP and Trump, the ostensible leader of the party.

Fortunately for Trump, the week is nearly over.

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