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Fauci calls Omicron variant a potential “red flag”

Posted by / November 28, 2021

Dr. Fauci has called the Omicron variant a potential red flag, but has also said that the US still needs to learn more about the new mutation.

New York has declared a state of emergency ahead of the newest COVID variant’s arrival, called the Omicron variant. There are already 77 cases in South Africa.

Belgium has confirmed a case of a new, highly-mutated COVID variant. The same variant has appeared in Hong Kong, as well. The variant’s spread has prompted the stock market to fall dramatically.

Massive protests have broken out across Europe, its citizens fed up with COVID lockdowns.

In the US, Florida Republicans have approved a bill that will dramatically limit Biden’s vaccine mandate. Meanwhile, like San Francisco and New York, Los Angeles has enacted a vaccine mandate, but LA’s is much stricter. Most types of businesses and public buildings are covered by the mandate.

Hospitalizations due to COVID are on the rise in Colorado, but there are only 100 ICU beds left in the entire state. CDC data reveals that the risk of dying of COVID is 11 times higher for unvaccinated adults.

Major hospital systems in Ohio are requiring COVID vaccines for organ transplants, adding to the increasing number of organizations that require vaccines.

Southwest has recently become the latest airline to require vaccines, joining an ever-growing number of organizations doing so. In fact, nearly ever major airline is now requiring vaccines for employees.

Almost all Fox News employees have now been vaccinated, even as hosts go on the air and cast doubt on vaccine efficacy.The US Army mandated that all active duty soldiers must be vaccinated by December 15. Meanwhile, police in Los Angeles are suing over vaccine mandates, while officers elsewhere in the state are threatening to quit.

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