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Florida officer allegedly sold drugs out of squad car

Posted by / October 9, 2018

Have you heard of Florida man? Florida man is the imaginary man who takes responsibility for all of the bizarre crimes that happen in Florida. Now, because there is a Florida man criminal, there must be a Florida man police officer to catch him, right? Of course there is, and of course Florida Police Man sells opioid tablets out of his car. While in uniform. And naturally he’s not very bright: he used his personal cell phone to make deals. He was arrested.

Full story at ABC.

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  • aprocessforlove

    There are times when we play the devils advocate in the hope of getting to the truth and fall prey to the DEVIL himself. Consider this, the cop wanted to get to the criminal and decided to follow suit to the criminal. In the process he got filmed and videoed and witnessed by enough people to be arrested.

    There is a thin line between the TRUTH and veiled REALITY.