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Girls escape kidnapper by fighting and throwing hot coffee on him

Bruce Hopkins attempted to kidnap a girl last weekend. She was with a few friends, and all of them were between eleven and fourteen. Hopkins, who is a big ol’ creep as you can tell by the mugshot, apparently thought that the kids were easy targets. He thought wrong. The girls went bananas on him, punching, kicking, the works. They even threw a hot cup of coffee on Hopkins. Their defenses saved their friend.

The moral of the story is to teach your kids––and yourselves!––to fight back. Criminals like Hopkins don’t attack people who look like they’ll fight back or who attempt to fight back. That being said, don’t attempt to fight a mugger. Your life isn’t worth a wallet.

Full story at ABC News.

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  • Julie Connor

    This is an important post about keeping kids safe. It’s true that muggers look for someone who won’t fight back. Scream. Shout “Help! Call 911!” Yell “Help” and run in the opposite direction. Kids feel powerless when we focus on aggressive behaviors of criminals. We must empower them with tools that help them create boundaries and protect themselves.