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Google Chrome update could kill ad blockers

Posted by / January 26, 2019

Brace yourselves, savvy Chrome users. Google Chrome might soon release an update that spells the end of ad blockers:

The row has blown up over Google’s plan to stop extensions changing data they receive from the sites that users visit. This ability to block, modify or redirect incoming data is key to the extensions’ ability to stop ads and pop-ups, as well as to thwart attempts to track users or seize their data.

One adblock company said in a statement to Gizmodo:

“This would basically mean that Google is destroying ad blocking and privacy protection as we know it,” Ghostery said in a statement. “They pretend to do this for the sake of privacy and browser performance, however in reality, users would be left with only very limited ways to prevent third parties from intercepting their surfing behavior or to get rid of unwanted content.”

According to Fortune,

Google says the proposed changes were made to increase “security, privacy, and performance for extensions.” As more and more developers object to the changes, though, the company is slowly walking back from the proposal.

If the update happens and you want to jump ship, you should know that Firefox is pretty good.

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  • Yiliang

    Firefox, here we come!

  • Boy, if google knows one thing about me it’s how much I hate ads. Time to ditch google!

  • Jolly

    Google have to fkn learn it can follow internet explorer (click) just like that

  • Vinny

    If I can’t use my ad blocker then I’ll find another browser.

  • Ryo

    for “better security” ????? much of the malware out there comes from malicious ads!!! many people use ad blockers for better security. whoever came up with the idea of blocking ad blockers is dumb.

  • Yeah would switch to Firefox and that’s it

  • SeeetPanda

    I made a PiHole, so yeah… Not really worried about this.

  • Hats great

  • Sprite

    Well, there are other good browser’s …