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Hardcore Q followers still think Trump is president, National Guard prepared

Posted by / February 20, 2021

The most devoted members of the Q Movement still think that Trump is president, and that he will somehow be inaugurated on March 4 (which is when presidents used to be inaugurated…75 years ago). Officials are now worried that these supporters will once more try to storm the Capitol, and so the National Guard has been activated.

A new video of the QAnon Shaman appears to support the claim that the rioters were following Trump’s orders.

Multiple Capitol rioters specifically wrote that they believed Donald Trump instructed them to riot, specifically referencing Trump’s words, “fight like hell.” Together, this evidence will harm Trump’s impeachment defense.

Security experts have warned that the right-wing embrace of conspiracy theories represents mass radicalization, a claim borne out following the dramatic events after the election, QAnon supporters have vowed to leave the GOP, possibly forming a party of their own. Many of the mob involved in the violence at the Capitol were wearing QAnon logos or holding up Q-related signs.

During the election, A 20-year-old voting contractor in Georgia is facing death threats after a QAnon influencer orchestrated a campaign against himTrump, meanwhile, is fanning the flames by posting long, rambling tirades on Facebook that include the same charts and graphs that QAnon uses.

Shortly after the election, paramilitary groups, QAnon conspiracy theorists, and other Trump supporters gathered in Nevada to fight the election results this past weekend.

Two armed Virginians were arrested in Philadelphia for trying to deliver fake ballots. They had QAnon paraphernalia in their car.

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