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Harvard study indicates thousand of Puerto Ricans died in hurricane

The White House claims that sixty-four Puerto Ricans died during Hurricane Maria. Experts and residents alike were skeptical of that number, but the White House wouldn’t budge. A recent study out of Harvard links at least 4,645 deaths to the hurricane. From the article: “The Harvard findings indicate that health-care disruption for the elderly and the loss of basic utility services for the chronically ill had significant impacts, and the study criticized Puerto Rico’s methods for counting the dead — and its lack of transparency in sharing information — as detrimental to planning for future natural disasters.” These failures indicate that much of Puerto Rico’s infrastructure needs to be updated.

Full story at Washington Post.

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  • That is very sad! It makes me sad that health-care disruption for the elderly is something they have to go through everyday and just having poor health care in general! Thats why we need to help people like that so other people can help us in the time of need!