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The huge problem with interstellar travel

Posted by / July 10, 2018

There are lots of problems with interstellar travel. First, you need the technology to propel yourself millions upon millions of miles. Second, you need life support systems to keep people alive that long. Third, you need navigation technology. Fourth, you need to avoid wormholes to hell. But those are the smaller problems, relatively (or relativity) speaking. In fact, the big problem is called the Wait Calculation. Imagine that you send a group of colonists to travel 10,000 years to a star. Then, 2,000 years later the scientists on Earth figure out a way to travel faster, and then they send a ship to reach the same star in only 5,000 years. So the second ship gets to the star 3,000 years before the first ship. Imagine how the first ship feels. That’s the huge problem with space travel.

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  • Interstellar traveling is so cool! There are so many smart mind out there that I believe soon we will be able to do it! great Blog!