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Kansas man drank bleach following Trump’s suggestion

Posted by / April 28, 2020

A man in Kansas has drunk bleach based on “advice” he’d gotten. He did not identify who gave him the advice, but he drank the bleach after Trump suggested it in one of his briefings. Trump takes no responsibility, as per usual. (Howard Stern, by the way, encourages more Trump supporters to try the bleach cure)

Trump’s ratings have dropped to pre-coronavirus levels, largely as a result of his daily briefings, and it’s no wonder––after the most recent meeting, in which Trump suggested the injection (as in, into your veins, where your blood lives) of disinfectant, those ratings are likely to suffer more. Manufacturers of bleach and other disinfectants are warning their consumers not to attempt to inject or injest any of their products or risk, you know, horribly painful death.

Trump’s approval ratings also suffered when he gave FEMA permission to limit sale of essential goods to Canada, saying that he would use the Defense Production Act to stop US companies from selling personal protective equipment, such as N95 masks, and other medical equipment to Canada. Trump also directly asked 3M not to sell N95 masks to Canada.

3M criticized Trump’s order on humanitarian grounds, and Ontario Premier Doug Ford said that Canada will begin producing N96 masks, which it will not sell to the U.S. He also severely criticized the U.S. president.

International media organizations are increasingly attacking Trump for his handling of the pandemic. The Independent thinks that the United States is going to lose its superpower status forever because of Trump’s bungling. In a meeting of international leaders, the Trump administration tried to convince everyone to call COVID the “Wuhan Virus.” Pick your battles, dude.

Salon, meanwhile, is publishing critical reports by public health experts, who say that Trump is mishandling the outbreak.

The Guardian claims that the initial six weeks of the outbreak were the most important test of the Trump presidency––a test he failed by neglecting to take the virus seriously. The drive-through testing sites he promised are nowhere to be found, further suggesting his approval ratings will plummet––and more importantly the number of deaths will rise.

Almost a million physicians have also called on Trump to abandon his efforts to return American business to normal by Easter. They warn that a premature return to normal will certainly lead to unnecessary death.

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