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Kanye off Ohio ballot

Posted by / September 13, 2020

Ohio is now the most recent state to ban Kanye West from the presidential ballot. GOP operatives have been swarming to Kanye in order to help him sabotage the election for Biden. Kanye is on the ballot in multiple states, trying to siphon off black voters from the Democrats. But it may ultimately fail. Virginia accused the Kanye campaign of deceptive signature gathering before finally booting Kanye off the ballot entirely last week.

Wisconsin Democrats are asking state election officials to block Kanye West’s presidential bid after fake signatures such as “Mickey Mouse” and “Bernie Sanders” were found in his filing papers.

Kanye West’s name has already been removed from the ballot in Illinois after election officials discovered the same thingSix people have claimed that they were duped into signing in Illinois.

West’s run has been controversial from the start. Almost immediately, many suspected that West’s allegedly Independent presidential run was a strategy to siphon off black voters from the Democratic party and help Donald Trump. That may sound crazy at first, but consider the fact that key Republican operatives are pushing Kanye to run and helping manage his campaignAt least 6 such operatives have been identified so far.He has admitted that his campaign will steal votes from Biden, though he denies to be a Trump supporter still.

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