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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s “America First” Caucus disbanded after day one

Posted by / April 19, 2021

After the incredible negative backlash against the proposed “America First Caucus,” Marjorie Taylor Greene is trying to put as much distance between herself and the caucus as possible, basically denying she had any plans to launch anything.

Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger has called for the expulsion of Marjorie Taylor Greene and her “America First Caucus,” which Kinzinger called the “white supremacy caucus.”


After House Republicans refused to take action on Marjorie Taylor Greene, House Democrats forced a vote to strip her of all committee standings.

House Democrats singled yesterday that they would strip Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments as Mitch McConnell distances mainstream GOP from her. All of this comes as Salon released a 2019 video of Greene calling for a violent insurrection at the Capitol.

Republicans in the House of Representatives are facing pressure to eject Marjorie Taylor Greene, a lawmaker infamous for making racist statements, calling school shootings fake, and supporting the QAnon conspiracy theory.

prominent Republican donor and activist named Jacob Monty, an immigration lawyer, has left the party. “If you stay in the Republican Party,” he said,  “you have to pay homage to Trump and I don’t do that, I don’t pray to any man.”

The Republican Party is facing a reckoning following the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol. In Colorado, 4,600 of the state’s Republicans have left the party. One member of the party, a former Oklahoma congressmen, has left the party, calling it a “cult.” CNN, meanwhile, is accusing the GOP of being an empty shell of itself and suggesting that it stood for nothing.

The backlash against the GOP is anything but surprising after the mob of right-wing rioters stormed and briefly occupied the U.S. Capitol following a rally in which Donald Trump once more claimed to have been the victim of a rigged electionSix of those rioters were were Republican lawmakers, meaning six Republican lawmakers were part of an insurrection against the United States of America. Let that sink in for a moment. What’s worse, they don’t even see anything wrong with that.

Earlier this week, Louie Gohmert, a Congressman from Texas, has suggested that “violence on the streets is last resort for Trump supporters who hope to get their man in office despite his loss in a, you know, legitimate election.

Security experts have warned that the right-wing embrace of conspiracy theories represents mass radicalization, a claim borne out following the dramatic events after the election, QAnon supporters have vowed to leave the GOP, possibly forming a party of their own. Many of the mob involved in the violence at the Capitol were wearing QAnon logos or holding up Q-related signs.

During the election, A 20-year-old voting contractor in Georgia is facing death threats after a QAnon influencer orchestrated a campaign against himTrump, meanwhile, is fanning the flames by posting long, rambling tirades on Facebook that include the same charts and graphs that QAnon uses.

Shortly after the election, paramilitary groups, QAnon conspiracy theorists, and other Trump supporters gathered in Nevada to fight the election results this past weekend.

Two armed Virginians were arrested in Philadelphia for trying to deliver fake ballots. They had QAnon paraphernalia in their car.

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