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Matt Gaetz called for conservatives to take up arms against Silicon Valley

Posted by / May 29, 2021

Matt Gaetz, in what is probably a desperate attempt to distract the public from the federal sex trafficking investigation, has said that conservatives should consider exercising their Second Amendment right against Silicon Valley companies that supposedly censor them.

Matt Gaetz is using campaign donations to fund his legal defense as sex trafficking investigations continue. As a result, he may be on the hook for violations of campaign financing law. Although that law can be a bit confusing, if Gaetz is using campaign fundraising money to pay for his legal defense, then he is likely to be at least charged with violations.

Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend is going to cooperate with a federal sex trafficking investigation into the representative. His friend Joel Greenberg has pleaded guilty to federal sex trafficking charges, spelling serious trouble for GaetzFour women have also said that Gaet’z friend, Greenberg, pressured them to do drugs and then, by extension, have sex.

Gaetz is currently under investigation for possibly bringing a 17-year-old girl with whom he had sex across state lines––sex trafficking, in other words. And, bizarrely, QAnon supporters are jumping to his defense, even though their whole thing is anti-pedophelia. More evidence has come to light suggesting that Gaetz is a real creep. He allegedly boasted of his access to women––access provided by a man now charged with sex trafficking. He also allegedly showed images of nude women to people involved in Florida politics.

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