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Maxwell defense calls for mistrial

Posted by / January 7, 2022

Ghislaine Maxwell’s defense team has called for a mistrial after a juror admitted to reporters that he was sexually abused and told the deliberating jury about it. Last week, Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of 5 out of 6 charges, including sex-trafficking.

The prosecution in the Maxwell trial rested their case after ten days. The case had several dramatic moments. According to one of Maxwell’s accusers, the socialite assessed her body for Jeffery Epstein at only 14.

Jeffery Epstein’s pilot named Prince Andrew as one of the high-profile passengers on Epstein’s private jet. One of Epstein’s victims said that she was forced to have sex with him at 14 years old, and Ghislaine Maxwell was in the room.

Maxwell’s family has appealed to the United Nations, citing “unprecedented discrimination” and accusing the US of pursuing revenge, not justice.

The jury selection process has begun in the Ghislaine Maxwell case, something that could take weeks given the woman’s infamy.

Ghisliane Maxwell’s trial finally begun after months of waiting. Just before the trial began, Maxwell was  denied bail for a fourth time. Maxwell’s third bail request was denied in June. The court also refused to hear her complaints of “horrific” jail conditions. Her lawyer therefore publicized Maxwell’s allegedly terrible conditions in jail: raw sewage, water deprivation, and “hyper-surveillance” by guards and other inmates.” Considering she is being charged with trafficking young girls for the infamous abuser Jeffery Epstein, few are losing sleep over her troubles.

Maxwell pleaded not guilty in sex trafficking charges brought against her.  She did request bail at that time, but it was  denied  after U.S. prosecutors urged a federal judge to reject a massive bail offer, arguing that she deserves to stay in prison. According to her attorneys, Ghislaine Maxwell is losing weight and her hair as a result of the harsh conditions of her confinement. As a result, she has put together a whopping $28.5 million bond, put up partly by her husband––a husband she has only just now publicly admitted having.

Maxwell stood trial for her role in Epstein’s crimes back in 2016, and those transcripts have just been released. They show her as basically denying everything and being combative.

The prosecution’s theory of the case against Maxwell is that she groomed girls for Jeffrey Epstein. She, meanwhile, has other plans. She’s trying to get herself taken out of solitary confinement and place in general population of the Brooklyn jail where she’s being held. In and of itself, that’s not that interesting. But when you consider the following, it is highly interesting.

Although Jeffery Epstein’s death was ruled officially a suicide, there are big questions about that. The guards who were supposed to be watching him were, allegedly, asleep. And, the prison where Epstein was held was also, allegedly, nearly “suicide proof.”

Conspiracy theories began almost immediately after Epstein’s death. Denizens of the internet (particularly Twitter and Reddit) were of one mind about the suicide: that it was orchestrated to keep Epstein from publicly implicating powerful people involved in his alleged sex-ring.

The flames of conspiracy were fanned when Epstein’s representatives hired Michael Baden, a pathologist for famous deaths, to do his own autopsy. Worse, even before Baden has had his chance to do an autopsy, the state autopsy discovered broken bones in Epstein’s neck.

So with that context, Maxwell’s bid to get moved to general population looks like an effort either to 1) orchestrated by anyone but her, so that she can get killed before she exposes her coconspirators, 2) orchestrated by her so she can get herself killed before she has to testify.

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