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New ad shows Lindsey Graham complementing Biden, dissing Trump

Posted by / June 13, 2020

Feast your eyes on this beastly ad, featuring Trump die-hard Lindsey Graham dissing Trump and praising Joe Biden:


Joe Biden has been hitting Facebook hard with ads, which will make him a serious contender with Trump on the platform.

A new CNN poll has Biden way up on Trump––some 14 points up. Moreover, Trump’s approval rating is down to 38%, and his disapproval rating is 57%.

The GOP may be in trouble. Trump is only focusing on his base, causing extreme anxiety that the GOP will lose the Senate in 2020. And, as a recent article from the Atlantic argues, we’re witnessing the end of the Trump regime.

Trump’s approval rating is slipping among Christians, which used to be among his most solid blocs. The New York Times reveals that evangelicals are abandoning him at a slow trickle, while a PRRI and SSRS poll reveals that support among Catholics has plummeted a whopping 23%.

If you’re interested in professional opinions on campaign ads, I’ve really being enjoying Crooked Media’s Good/Bad series, where a former Obama campaign leader reviews political ads with other political experts. Although he’s openly Democratic, his reviews are not political, instead, they simply review the quality of the ad. Here’s a good example:

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