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The NYT found more than 60 videos of NYPD police brutality

Posted by / July 16, 2020

The New York Times has found over sixty videos showing police brutality against protestors, often unwarranted. The great irony of the nationwide protest over police brutality (specifically against the black community) is that it’s somehow inspiring the police to commit more violence. The LAPD is being sued for shooting a homeless, wheelchair-bound man in the face with rubber bullets (warning: the image is quite shocking). Denver Police, meanwhile, are coming under fire for shooting pepper balls (whatever that is) at a car (driven by a black man), despite his yelled warnings that his wife, inside the car, was pregnant. The list goes on and on––and activists are keeping track. Seriously, there’s a spreadsheet with over 500 examples (as of this writing) of instances of police brutality (some of which are international).

Protests over the killing of George Floyd have escalated in the past few days, spreading to about 40 U.S. cities and even cities around the world. By and large, the protestors are demanding one thing: a deescalation of police brutality by demilitarizing the police. And how does Trump respond? By threatening to call the military in if state governors don’t get things under control. Trump called the governors weak in a call, goading them on to further violence. The police seem to be listening.

Police, unprovoked, savagely beat unarmed protestors in Philadelphia. Police in Buffalo knocked an elderly man to the ground, leading to a head injury. Both Swiss and Australian journalists have been attacked by police, and the police union refuses to identify the cops in the Australian case.

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