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Protests spread across nation, globe in response to George Floyd murder

Posted by / June 2, 2020

Protests over the killing of George Floyd have escalated in the past few days, spreading to about 40 U.S. cities and even cities around the world.

In Louisville, police and National Guard opened fire on a crowd of protestors, claiming that the protests shot first. The exchange happened around midnight, leaving one man dead.

Protestors in Birmingham, Alabama tore down a Confederate statue and started fired.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter was arrested for “unlawful assembly” in New York.

Two Atlanta police officers have been fired after body camera footage showed them using excessive force on protestors.

Protestors even set fires near the White House, where President Trump was rushed to safety in an underground bunkers.

Not all protests have ended in arrests and violence, however. In Oklahoma City, police took a knee in solidarity with protesters.

The protests are likely going to continue spreading, partly because of poor federal leadership on the issue of police violence against the black community. Trump’s response to the protests has probably exacerbated them. The mayor of Atlanta has even begged Trump just to stop talking altogether––silence would be better than his inflammatory ramblings. Cornel West has said that “we’re witnessing the collapse of the legitimacy of leadership.

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