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Putin gives Soviet-era award to mother with 10 children

Posted by / November 16, 2022

Putin has awarded a Soviet-era award to a mother with ten children. Russia is also set to reintroduce military training for teens, something it once did during the Soviet Era.

Satellite images reveal that the Russians are building up troops in Belarus for a potential attack on Ukraine. Amnesty International has called Russia’s forced deportations of Ukrainian citizens a war crime. The Czech Republic, which currently holds the presidency of the European Union, has called for an investigation into Russian war crimes.

A mass grave containing 440 bodies was discovered in the recently freed Kharkiv territory. The grave is further evidence of war crimes committed by the invading Russian army.

Last week, the United States accused Russia of war crimes, namely, forcibly deporting Ukrainians. President Zelenksy announced that he will seek to bring war crimes charges against big banks like JPMorgan Chase, Citi, and HSBC for financing Russia’s war in the Ukraine.

After stripping down a Russian drone, Ukrainian intelligence discovered that it was made up of parts from around the world—despite sanctions against Russia.

Fortunately western governments are at least trying to help the war effort in Ukraine. The UK government announced that it will send both artillery and drones to Ukraine. Zelensky’s office has also confirmed that the United States will train F-15 and F-16 pilots.

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