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Is the Republican Party Donald Trump’s new fixer?

Posted by / March 2, 2019

Michael Cohen used to be Donald Trump’s “fixer,” that is, the guy Trump would turn to to solve his problems. Cohen would lie, bribe, threaten, or cajole people into doing Trump’s bidding. But now Cohen is going to jail, and Trump is on the market for a new fixer.

Coincidentally, Cohen’s appearance before Congress might have revealed who that new fixer is: the Republican Party itself. Two major news outlets have speculated that the Party has stepped into the role of fixer.

The Guardian compared the whole situation to a mob movie. Cohen is the former underling turning on his mob boss. Trump, the boss, has called Cohen a “rat”––just like a mobster would in a movie. Matt Gaetz attempted the threaten Cohen––for which Gaetz is under investigation and might get disbarred. Rather than seek the truth in Cohen’s testimony, the “Republicans decided to run interference for Trump and commit to dying on a decrepit orange hill.”

The New York Times takes a more subtle approach. They point out the litany of accusations Cohen made against Trump, and then they ask if any single Republican addressed those accusations or tried to find out if they were true. The answer was, of course, no. The Republicans in the hearing focused entirely on discrediting Cohen and smearing his name as thoroughly as possible.

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