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Rise of anti-Asian hate crimes brings Trump back into the limelight

Posted by / March 14, 2021

There has been a spate of attacks against Asian people, and especially elderly Asian people, in the past weeks and months. A man was arrested in White Plains, New York, for example, for punching and spitting on an 83-year-old woman. There was another arrest in Oakland, California, in an even more brutal attack that left a 75-year-old Asian man brain dead. In 2020, anti-Asian hate crimes rose some 150%. The attacks have led a national outcry and calls for action. But these attacks have also led to another conversation: to what extent is Trump responsible? Joe Biden believes Trump bears some responsibility. So does George Takei, and so (more importantly) do experts on the subject of racial violence. The reverberations of Trump’s race-baiting seem like they will be with us for some time.

An FBI investigation has uncovered communication between a Proud Boys member and an associate in the Trump White House in the days before the January 6. This is in addition to the contact between Roger Stone and a Proud Boys leader.

The FBI has called the January 6 riots at the Capitol domestic terrorism. Nevertheless, the agency stopped short of blaming a single group or ideology for the attack, since there were several different of each involved.

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