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San Jose police department members accused of participating in closed, racist facebook group

Posted by / June 28, 2020

Several active members of the San Jose police department have been accused of participating in a closed facebook group and sharing racist posts.

This is the latest in a series of incidents that make police look very bad. When officers start protecting brothers and sisters who cross a line, like the Louisiana police officer who shot a teen in the back, then it might be time to rethink things.

The toxicity of the police such that labor coalitions are booting them. Seattle’s largest labor coalition has booted the Seattle police union from its ranks, citing the force’s unwillingness to confront internal racism.

There’s growing backlash over the brutal treatment protestors are experiencing at the hands of the police. The LAPD is being sued for shooting a homeless, wheelchair-bound man in the face with rubber bullets (warning: the image is quite shocking). Denver Police, meanwhile, are coming under fire for shooting pepper balls (whatever that is) at a car (driven by a black man), despite his yelled warnings that his wife, inside the car, was pregnant.

The 75-year-old Buffalo man knocked down by police has a fractured skull and cannot walk. Police knocked him to the ground during a Black Lives Matter protest, leading to a head injury.

Police, unprovoked, savagely beat unarmed protestors in Philadelphia. Both Swiss and Australian journalists have been attacked by police, and the police union refuses to identify the cops in the Australian case.

Critics of police brutality are increasingly placing the blame with police unions, who go through tremendous lengths to protect any and all police officers, no matter the circumstances. While unions are often good for protecting the workforce from exploitation, they’re not as beneficial when the protect murderers.

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