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Sanders promises Dems will “evict” Trump if he refuses to leave office

Posted by / September 26, 2020

Democrats aren’t taking Trump’s threats to stay in office regardless of the election results lightly. Bernie Sanders suggested that Dems have a “number of plans” to make sure Trump leaves the White House.

Trump is beginning the second stage of his two-part strategy to hijack the 2020 election. In this phase, he builds on phase 1 (see below) and suggests that the election results won’t be “honest,” meaning he would remain in powerDemocrats have already raised the alarm.

The first part of his strategy was to capitalize on the chaos of COVID and the subsequent rise in voting by mail. That plan involved making voting harder and suggesting that voter fraud ran rampant when people voted by mail. Louis DeJoy (an oddly apt name) has just sacked key Post Office officials and is threatening to cut spending dramatically, which would prove disastrous for the 2020 election.

This isn’t the only non-traditional move made by the Trump campaign. Kayne West’s allegedly Independent presidential run is be a strategy to siphon off black voters from the Democratic party and help Donald Trump. That may sound crazy at first, but consider the fact that key Republican operatives are pushing Kanye to run and helping manage his campaignAt least 6 such operatives have been identified so far.

Also, according to a recent Washington Post article, the Trump campaign actively courted the online conspiracy community QAnon in the lead-up to the 2020 election, which makes an alarming combination.

Twitter has banned 7,000 accounts related to the QAnon conspiracy theory, all of whom have violated the site’s policy on harassment. Twitter will also limit the spread of QAnon-related misinformation, which is expected to impact another 150,000 users. Unfortunately, QAnon conspiracists believe that big companies like Twitter are already part of a conspiracy against freedom, so this is basically guaranteed to go poorly.

As Trump’s polling numbers get worse and as his campaign drags, he’s looking for ways to stay in office…and none of them are legal. In a recent tweet, he floated the idea of postponing the November election, which of course he cannot do. Such an obvious move may actually be a smokescreen for another way he can sabotage the election in his favor: interfering with mail-in ballots by effectively shutting down the Post Office.

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