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The world is literally letting China get away with murder

Posted by / September 26, 2019

China is rounding up its Muslim population and putting them in camps. The world is saying nothing about it. What’s even worse––unimaginably worse––is that the UN Human Rights Council was just told that China is harvesting organs from its ethnic minorities.

The Chinese government recently ramped up its quest to wipe out the Uighur population and began arresting Uighur people outside of their own country. Reports suggest that they are currently arresting Uighur people in Egypt, where China is investing billions into infrastructure.

Recently, the Chinese government has ordered Chinese restaurants to remove Arabic language signs and Muslim symbols. Reuters reporters contacted 11 different Muslim-owned restaurants, all of whom told reporters that the government demanded removal of the signs.

The United States has already condemned China for imprisoning millions of Uighur, a minority group comprised mostly of Muslims, into concentration camps.

Randall Schriver, head of Asian policy at the U.S. Defense Department, made the long-overdue statement. Schriver’s intentional reference to Holocaust concentration camps comes in light of the potentially three-million Uighur held in detention centers. His comments are likely to increase tensions with China.

The Uighur are Chinese citizens, and the majority of them are Muslim. They are therefore both religiously and ethnically different from the (officially) atheist Han majority.  China has done this before––it has actively pursued policies that “Sinicize” Tibet, who are both ethnically and religious different from the Han majority.

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