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Trump cuts PA rally short, dances off stage to YMCA because he knows he lost PA

Posted by / October 22, 2020

Trump knows he’s lost Pennsylvania. Despite the fact that he’s losing the state in the polls, he decided to cut his campaign rally there early. He also told the audience that he was only visiting them because he was losing. Then he danced off stage to YMCA.

Pennsylvania seniors are withdrawing their support for Trump over his terrible COVID response and endorsing Joe Biden.

These seniors are not the only traditionally-Republican Pennsylvanians abandoning Trump. The former Republican governor of Pennsylvania is supporting Joe Biden for President, breaking with his party. Tom Ridge said he has never voted for a Democratic presidential candidate before, but that his long history of rejecting Donald Trump compels him to make this decision. He compared Trump to George W. Bush, who stood on the rubble of Ground Zero with a megaphone, uniting the country. Could Trump do such a thing, Ridge asks? Even if he could, he hasn’t––he has not gone to the CDC to rally the nation against COVID. And more than 125 mayors in Pennsylvania, a key swing state this election, have thrown their support behind Joe Biden.

The Republican governor of Massachusetts has refused to support Trump. He has not endorsed Biden, though. Nevertheless.Joe Biden now has a 91% chance of winning the electoral college, according to an Economist forecast.

Biden currently has a twelve percent lead over incumbent Donald Trump, the highest lead of any challenger since scientific polling began in 1936. The majority of voters––some 57%––think Trump has not paid his fair share in taxes, indicating just how bad things are looking for Trump.

According to a CNN poll, Joe Biden has widened his lead to 16 points, the widest of the campaign so far. And, according to a FiveThirtyEight poll, Joe Biden has an 82% chance of winning the electoral college.

Two former GOP lawmakers endorsed Joe Biden for president, saying that Trump is “no Republican.”  And, a group 489 generals, admirals, national security officials from both parties signed a letter endorsing Biden and slamming Trump. These are only the latest military and national security experts to turn on Trump.

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