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Trump gets protesters gassed for a face-saving photo-op

Posted by / June 3, 2020

When Trump’s violent tweets came home to roost and protestors set fires near the White House, President Trump was rushed to safety in an underground bunkers. The lights to the White House even went off, which has only ever happened when a president has died.  Symbolically speaking, maybe the office of president has died, in a way.

China certainly thinks so––they’re goading Trump over his inaction and failed leadership. Iran has also taken a swipe at the US, demanding it stop the violence against its own citizens.

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is using this opportunity to highlight his own leadership abilities. He’s using social media to simultaneously broadcast his own campaign messaging and attempt to heal some of the divisions leading to the protests. He’s also visited protest sites to speak with––and listen to––participants.

It’s pretty clear by now that Trump hates bad publicity and losing face. That clearly explains why he’s threatening to call the military in if state governors don’t get things under control. Trump called the governors weak in a call, goading them on to further violence. And what’s more, he had peaceful protests outside the White House tear gassed so he could walk across the street and take a picture in front of a church. Talk about pandering, good Lord.

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