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Trump held 6 indoor rallies, even though he knew the virus was airborne

Posted by / September 12, 2020

The bombshell interviews between Bob Woodward and Donald Trump reveal that Trump knew how dangerous COVID as early as January. And, nevertheless, he held six indoor rallies, putting thousands of Americans at risk.

Trump was allegedly furious about the poor turnout at his failed Tulsa rally, even though the low numbers meant fewer cases of COVID and, as a result, fewer deaths.  Trump’s campaign tried to spin the poor attendance, but even Fox News didn’t buy it. The mayor of Atlanta called the event an embarrassment. Unfortunately, besides being a failure, the Tulsa rally also led to a spike in COVID cases. No one who went and got COVID should be surprised, thou, since those who went to the rally, and anyone who wants to go to Donald Trump’s upcoming rallies, must sign a document waiving their right to sue if they get COVID.

Trump claimed that a million people requested tickets for his  Tulsa rally. The only problem was, that’s 2.5 times the population of the city. It turns out, these applications are basically a way for the campaign to get peoples’ emails. And what’s more, the Tulsa World published an editorial saying Trump shouldn’t have come to the city for fear of spreading COVID.

So what’s going on? It turns out that TikTok users are trying to troll Trump by signing up for seats and then not showing up. Their aim was for Trump to show up to an empty arena and embarrass him. And now social media users are at it again. Twitter and TikTok users are once more reserving thousands of seats for the Trump New Hampshire rally with no intention of showing up, thus forcing Trump to show up to an empty arena. We’ll report on what happens.

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