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Trump is paying his sons’ lovers with campaign funds

Posted by / April 19, 2020

President Trump sent a series of tweets urging citizens to violate Democratic governors’ stay-at-home orders. Jay Inslee has called the tweets “unhinged” and “illegal,” since they’re calling for domestic insurrection.  What we wonder is this: is Trump actually trying to encourage insurrection, or is he doing so to obscure something else––something like corruption? Like the fact that he’s paying his sons’ wives or girlfriends a whopping $180,000 a year through a company run Trump’s campaign manager.

Evidence is growing that Trump’s COVID response is political corruption.

According to a recent ProPublica investigation, the Trump administration pushed FEMA to approve contractors for a government job who never even bid, circumventing the normal process for unknown reasons.

According to a New York Times investigation, Donald Trump’s family trust and some of his associates have a small stake in Sanofi, the company that makes it.

Other aspects of Trump’s handling the COVID crisis are leading to cries of corruption. His briefings on the pandemic are, basically, a parade of CEOs who lavish praise on Trump. Some 57% of the U.S. population believes that the political system only works for those with money and influence…can’t imagine why that is.

Although Trump’s approval rating is currently the highest its ever been, the show isn’t over yet. His push to “open America for business” by Easter might sabotage his ratings. Regardless of what the American public thinks, international media outlets are savaging Trump for his handling of the COVID pandemic.

The Independent thinks that the United States is going to lose its superpower status forever because of Trump’s bungling. In a meeting of international leaders, the Trump administration tried to convince everyone to call COVID the “Wuhan Virus.” Pick your battles, dude.

Salon, meanwhile, is publishing critical reports by public health experts, who say that Trump is mishandling the outbreak.

The Guardian claims that the initial six weeks of the outbreak were the most important test of the Trump presidency––a test he failed by neglecting to take the virus seriously. The drive-through testing sites he promised are nowhere to be found, further suggesting his approval ratings will plummet––and more importantly the number of deaths will rise.

Almost a million physicians have also called on Trump to abandon his efforts to return American business to normal by Easter. They warn that a premature return to normal will certainly lead to unnecessary death.

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