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Trump postpones Denmark trip after Prime Minister refuses to sell Greenland

Posted by / August 22, 2019

For whatever reason, Donald Trump recently proposed to buy Greenland from Denmark. He of course did not use proper diplomatic channels, first because he only uses twitter for pretty much anything and second because you can’t buy a country. Naturally, his “proposal” was not well received, and according to him the Danish Prime Minister got a bit “nasty” in her refusal. As a result, Trump has postponed a state visit to Denmark, embarrassing pretty much everyone.

This is just the latest story in a pile of evidence suggesting that Trump is a dreadful president. The president’s primary job is to be the commander in chief of the American armed forces. Trump recently pardoned former Army 1st Lt. Michael Behenna, who was charged with war crimes for shooting an unarmed, captured man suspected of engineering an IED attack. The Week argues that this pardon is an implicit approval of war crimes.

The Washington Post similarly points out that Trump’s recent reversal on Venezuela is evidence of Trump’s terrible patience and lack of strategic thinking, as well as further evidence of Putin’s sway over Trump.

Furthermore, Trump has opted to spend $20 billion over the next two decades in order to keep the USS Harry S. Truman operating, reversing his February decision to retire it. Here’s the problem: the Navy didn’t want that carrier still running. They planned to use that money on more advanced technologies and preparing for cyber warfare.

This is a terrible decision on Trump’s part, one that comes out of his tendency to appeal to hyper-masculine displays of aggression. The only problem is that wars are no longer won through the kind of aggression the aircraft carrier represents. Wars are now fought in a variety of different ways, from the streets of Afghani villages to cyberspace. Trump’s inability to see that is doubly dangerous because the two biggest threats to the United States––China and Russia––fully understand this fact.

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