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Trump’s dark 4th of July speech draws criticism

Posted by / July 6, 2020

Historically, 4th of July speeches are positive ad patriotic, not dark and brooding. But we’re not living in normal times. Trump’s speech railed against his political enemies, and he even identified them with “totalitarianism”––a word he seemed to stumble over.

The anti-Trump group called the Lincoln Project immediately jumped on the error:


Michael McFaul, a professor of political science at Stanford, summarized Trump’s speech like this: “Trump obviously has no idea what words like fascism and totalitarianism mean. To those who wrote that speech, shame on you. To those that cleared on this speech, shame on you. Perhaps the most un-American speech ever delivered by an American president, on the eve of July 4th.”

Donald Trump seems traumatized by his much-hyped return rally in Tulsa, which was, in short, a big ol’ dud. The venue could hold nearly 20,000 people, but only about 6,00 showed up. Trump was allegedly furious about the poor turnout. Trump’s campaign tried to spin the poor attendance, but even Fox News didn’t buy it. The mayor of Atlanta called the event an embarrassment. Now, to avoid a similar failure, he’s apparently prepared to cancel his convention rally.

Trump is preemptively blaming foreign countries for his 2020 loss. He’s also going nuts about voting by mail, because he says it will lead to fraud, but really he know it means he will lose. Other observers––Republican operatives––think Trump might just quit rather than lose, which would effective screw the GOP.

A new CNN poll has Biden way up on Trump––some 14 points up. Moreover, Trump’s approval rating is down to 38%, and his disapproval rating is 57%.

According to a Michigan pollster, Trump’s Bible photo op was a total catastrophe, leading to an immediate dip in his numbers. The now infamous (and embarrassing) Bible photo-op was an obvious attempt to pander to his religious base. Unfortunately, he’s off the mark. Only some 27% of Americans somewhat or strongly agree that Trump is religious. Meanwhile, 55% either somewhat or strongly disagree.

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