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UK to give 2.5bn pounds to Ukraine

Posted by / January 13, 2024

The UK will give 2.5bn pounds in aid to Ukraine. Germany has also announced a military aid package for Ukraine.

Norway has approved direct weapons sales to Ukraine.

Britain is sending 200 air defense missiles to Ukraine following Russia’s recent air offensive, the largest of the of the war.

Russia has used its super-fast missile in Ukraine for the first time in months.

Russia is preparing a major offensive as the ground freezes.

Russian drones are allegedly dropping tear gas on Ukrainian troops on the front lines.

President Zelenksy has denied that Ukraine is losing its war against Russia.

Putin tells Russia that his aims with the war are unchanged.

Putin has admitted that Russia has suffered tremendous losses in Ukraine. The US is going to issue another round of funding to Ukraine. Earlier this week, more than 100 European countries encouraged the United States to offer more funding to Ukraine.

Zelensky is set to travel to Washington again. The White House has said the cost of not supporting Ukraine is too high. Aid to Ukraine has fallen to its lowest level since the war began.

The White House has warned of an urgent need to send more aid to Ukraine. Russian soldiers executed two surrendering Ukrainian soldiers. Russians’ support of the war is falling dramatically, according to a recent poll.

Russia is paying off military wives to stave off criticism before the next election.

Putin is pushing Russian women to have as many as 8 kids.

Russia suffered its worst losses of the war so far this November.

Audio intercepted from Russia troops fighting in Ukraine suggest they’re getting tired of the war. Ukraine has regained more ground in Kherson Oblast. Ukraine is claiming to have pushed Russian forces back as far as five miles, which would be the first meaningful success of the counteroffensive.

Zelensky has warned Ukrainians to be prepared for intensified Russian attacks this winter. Ukraine has enough energy resources to make it through the winter. Ukraine has destroyed a major Russian warship. Ukraine has warned that, without more help from allies, it is entering a war of attrition with Russia.

Russia has attacked the largest number of settlements in one day since the beginning of the war.

Russian soldiers have been accused of killing a family of nine people for refusing to give up their house.

Russia’s new assault on Ukraine is causing heavy casualties, according to the U.S. Russia has begun a massive assault across the eastern front. There is fierce fighting in eastern Ukraine as Russia steps up its assaults. Russia launched a large attack in eastern Ukraine.

Putin has claimed that Russia successfully tested a nuclear-powered cruise missile, which would have a potentially unlimited range. There is no proof that his claims are true.

A Russian airstrike has killed 51 people at a Ukraine funeral. Russia is trying to get back on the UN human rights council. In the latest (and most disturbing) Russian propaganda ad, Russian soldiers say they hope to live in conquered Ukraine cities.

Taiwan is complaining China is harassing them by flying 103 planes towards the island’s airspace.

The United States will give Taiwan $345 million in military aid.

Taiwan is using Ukraine as a model as they prepare for possible Chinese aggression. China has simulated an attack on key Taiwanese targets

China’s foreign minister has warned the United States not to cross its “red line” with “bullying” tactics. China claims it drove off a US naval cruiser near the Spratly Islands.

China has warned of a potential arms race after learning that the US was sending nuclear-capable bombers to Australia.

President Biden has said that the United States would defend Taiwan if China invaded. China has been simulating attacking United States ships, according to Taiwan.

Taiwan shot down a Chinese drone; yesterday, Taiwan fired on a Chinese drone that invaded its airspace.More than 50 Chinese warplanes and 6 warships have been spotted near Taiwan. Chinese aircraft have entered Taiwanese airspace yet again. Just two weeks ago, Taiwan scrambled jets as 22 Chinese aircraft invade Taiwanese airspace.

Australia’s defense minister has said that China’s military buildup is the “most ambitious” since WWII and could endanger geopolitical stability. China has launched an AI-piloted, unmanned naval ship capable of carrying and launching dozens of drones.

Taiwan has deployed advanced, fourth generation fighter jets in a show of force to stand up to China. China has fifth-generation fighter jets, but so does the United States, who has backing Taiwan.

The president of Taiwan has said that the threat from China is increasing every day, and she has confirmed that there are US military trainers assisting the Taiwanese.

Last week, Chinese President Xi Jinping vowed to achieve a “peaceful reunification” with Taiwan, despite the threatening presence of Chinese fighters in Taiwanese airspace over the past months. In response, the Taiwanese president has vowed to defend Taiwan’s sovereignty.

Biden has sided with China as tensions heat up between China and Taiwan, reiterating that the U.S. will abide by the “one China” policy––meaning the US will follow the Chinese assertion that Taiwan is its territory.

Taiwan has recorded a record number of Chinese jets in its airspace. This past summer, Chinese jets entered Taiwanese airspace multiple times. In June, China  sent a massive force of 28 aircraft into Taiwanese airspace, including nuclear-capable bombers, the largest and most threatening show of force yet.

The Chinese government, angered by recent developments between the U.S. and Taiwan, has warned the U.S. State Department to “stop all forms” of official outreach to Taiwan. This might actually signal a warming of tensions, consider a few months ago China was threatening to fly fighter jets over Taiwan if U.S.-Taiwan relations continued to warm. China also threatened “all-out war” if Taiwan fires on the jets. That same time, Taiwan reported the largest incursion by the Chinese air force yet.

The United States said it would defend Taiwan in the face of Chinese incursions into Taiwanese airspace a few months agoChina sent more fighter jets into Taiwanese air space as a result, escalating their show of force. Taiwan threatened to shoot down the Chinese drones in its airspace, if they get too close to the Taiwanese-controlled Pratas Islands.

Chinese drones were spotted gathering intelligence around Taiwan, according to the Taiwanese coast guardEleven Chinese warplanes flew into Taiwanese airspace on Monday, part of China’s rising imperial aspirations. Earlier this month, China, as part of its usual change-of-presidency bellicosity, warned the United States against interfering with China’s designs on Taiwan. Earlier this year, China called Taiwan an “insurmountable red line.”

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