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UN in “serious negotiations” with China over letting observers into Xinjiang province

Posted by / March 29, 2021

The United Nations is allegedly in “serious negotiations” with China over letting observers into the Xinjiang province, the site of what many western nations call a genocide.

Earlier this year, the Chinese government rejected the international outcry against their treatment of the Uighur people, which some countries are calling (or coming close to calling) genocide. China invited the UN at that point, but in a vague sort of way.

Major western governments have stopped just short of labeling the Chinese oppression of the Uighur people “genocide,” a term that might trigger international law if widely adopted. The British government, for example, denounced oppressions “on an industrial scale” against the UighursCanadian House of Commons voted to call the situation genocide, but Trudeau and his cabinet abstained from the vote––and anyway, a simple parliamentary declaration doesn’t do much.

Canada began considering calling China’s treatment of Uighurs “genocide,” two weeks ago.  That followed the  U.S. State Department has labeled China’s treatment of the Uighur people genocide, the harshest criticism of Beijing’s actions. Around that same time, Boris Johnson announced that the British government will not call the Uighur situation in genocide.

Last week, the United States Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) has concluded, finally, that “crimes against humanity – and possibly genocide – are occurring” against the Uighur people.

Columbia professor Leta Hong Fincher has warned China watchers at the Center for International and Strategic Studies conference that the country is embarking on a eugenics program. 

“What caught my eye was that they actually use specific language saying that China needs to ‘upgrade population quality,’” she said. “They need to ‘optimize their birth policy.’ They even use a term … which is effectively emphasizing the role of eugenics in population planning in China.”

Pope Francis’s new book contained a long-awaited, if too subtle, condemnation of Beijing’s treatment of religious minorities, especially the Uighur people.

Two months ago, a group of about two dozen Uighurs took China to the International Criminal court, citing crimes against humanity, torture, and genocide.

A Uighur doctor has described horrific things happening as part of China’s attempts to control the Uighur population, including forced abortions and hysterectomies. This doctor’s testimony confirms what Uighur women have said about their experiences under Beijing’s genocidal campaign, describing forced sterilization and other human rights violations.

A coalition of more than 180 human rights groups says that is “virtually certain” one in five cotton products are the result of forced Uighur labor, and that almost entire fashion industry is complicit in the forced labor.

France has called for outside observers in Chinese Uighur areas as evidence of genocide mountsA group of British lawyers has also said that the international community is legally obligated to act. 

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