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US warns Iran not to get involved in Israel conflict

Posted by / October 11, 2023

The US warned Iran not to get involved in Israel conflict.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Iran helped Hamas plan the Israel attack.

On Saturday, a large group of Hamas militants launched a surprise attack on Israel, breaching the heavily fortified fence separating Gaza from southern Israel. Missile attacks are continuing in southern Israel. This attack, conducted under the cover of intense rocket fire, resulted in the deaths of at least 600 people in Israel, making it the deadliest day of violence for the country in 50 years.

Israel swiftly responded with retaliatory airstrikes on Gaza, resulting in over 370 casualties, according to Palestinian officials. The Israeli military claimed that they had killed 400 Palestinian gunmen and arrested dozens during the fighting.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) managed to secure 22 locations by Sunday morning, but eight “points of engagement” remained, where troops were conducting house-to-house searches to confirm safety or identify terrorist threats. In some areas, residents living near the Gaza border were evacuated.

The situation in Gaza deteriorated rapidly, with Palestinians experiencing widespread destruction and casualties. The IDF reported striking 426 targets belonging to Hamas, including the compound of the group’s intelligence department and residences of senior leaders. Thousands of Palestinians sought shelter in UN schools and hospitals following IDF warnings of impending air attacks.

Additionally, there were concerns about Israeli soldiers and civilians, including women and children, who were believed to be held hostage by Hamas in Gaza. International tensions escalated further as the IDF retaliated against Hezbollah rocket attacks in southern Lebanon, risking broader regional conflict.

The situation remains highly volatile, with both sides suffering casualties and extensive damage, while international efforts to mediate a ceasefire are ongoing.

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