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Voters encouraged to drop ballots off at official drop boxes and avoid USPS

Posted by / October 28, 2020

Left-wing publications are urging voters to drop their ballots off at official drop boxes rather than use the post office. It’s also wise to ensure you’re using a real ballot box, and not one of the fake ones Republicans have set up. It’s important to drop them off because, despite multiple court orders, the Post Office has not undone the slowdown measures instituted by Postmaster General DeJoy. As a result, a federal judge has ordered the Post Office to restore all of their high-speed sorting machines.

Trump and his supporters’ attempt to dismantle the post office began two months ago. Internal documents showed that the USPS aimed to remove nearly 700 high-speed sorting machinesThe USPS removed mailboxes in OregonTrump has openly admitted that he’s trying to limit mail-in voting, citing his usual unsupported claims of voter fraud.  Louis DeJoy also sacked key Post Office officials and is threatening to cut spending dramatically, which would prove disastrous for the 2020 electionPostal service workers are supporting Biden.

But watchdog groups are keeping a close eye on the Post Office, and that seems to be helping. After an incredible amount of backlash following their removal of mailboxes in Oregon, the USPS has stopped removing mailboxes. So keep the pressure up if you’re concerned about the post office. Buy a book of stamps! If half of all Americans bought stamps the USPS would be in great shape.

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