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Bloomberg clears the way for 32,000 Florida felons to vote

Posted by / September 23, 2020

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg has paid the fines of some 32,000 Florida felons, clearing the way for them to vote. This is a brilliant move on the former presidential candidate hopeful, as Florida has long participated in sketchy disenfranchisement schemes to block Democrats.

Trump is trying to recreate the “Crooked Hillary” insult in 2020 with “Sleepy Joe,” but it’s not sticking, according to internet search analytics.He’s also not planning to prepare for his debates with Joe Biden, telling aides that he will rely on Biden’s gaffes and mental lapses to win the debateIt’s amazing that Trump thinks that plan will work, given that it’s been widely publicized that called our war dead “suckers” and “losers,” and after he insulted evangelicals behind their backs, and after the Woodward tapes came out, Trump’s poll numbers are falling. He may be assuming he can rely on the “Sleepy Joe” dis like he relied on “Crooked Hillary,” but apparently that won’t work.

Now, Joe Biden is leading Trump in polls of senior citizens, a bloc the Democratic Party hasn’t carried in decades. Biden is also rising in national polls. A Reuters/Ipsos poll has Biden 12 points ahead of Trump.

Just last week, a nationwide poll had Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by ten points––52 to 42. But focusing on only one or two polls, or kinds of polls, can lead to serious miscalculations. Exhibit A: the 2016 presidential election. This election year, the media is being a lot more careful about diversifying the kinds of polls they cite. Instead of the blunt, “who will you vote for?” kind of toll, we’re starting to see polls digging into more nuanced issues. The latest polls suggest that voters are much more enthusiastic about voting for Biden than they were in March––48% say they’re very excited about voting for Biden. But Trump has him beat: 65% of Trump voters are very excited about him. Trump’s favorability ratings––that is, how people feel about Trump––are dropping slowly but steadily.

This doesn’t mean Democrats should be complacent. There is a very real chance Democrats could lose Minnesota. Dems are going to have to keep getting creative if they want to seal 2020.

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