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Democrats will push to bring back net neutrality

Posted by / March 5, 2019

In December of 2018, Ajit Pai, one of the most hated men in America at that time, admitted that Russia meddled in the net neutrality process. Russians used up to nine million fake or stolen identities to spam the FCC and influence the process. The meddling, coupled with Pai’s blatant and shameless pro-corporate agenda, enabled companies like Comcast to force their customers to put up with ever more absurd fees.

But Nancy Pelosi recently announced plans to reinstate net neutrality laws that were repealed in 2017. What exactly will be in the bill is still unknown.

Pai’s net neutrality coup has been the source of much controversy since it was enacted. California passed its own net neutrality law, but it has agreed not to enforce that law until the U.S. federal appeals court decides on a case brought forth by twenty-two states and the District of Columbia. The group aims to reinstate the Obama-era laws.

Pelosi hopes to work together with the Republican-controlled Senate to pass the “Save the Internet Act,” which would bring some measure of net neutrality back independently of the U.S. federal appeals court’s decision.

Ajit Pai has not yet responded on behalf the FCC, but he undoubtedly will.

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