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New Zealand shooting inspires more fear of Trump

Posted by / March 18, 2019

After the New Zealand shooting, pundits from around the world have pointed to the Unite States for spreading white supremacist ideology, an ideology that inspired the Christchurch killer. Donald Trump denied that white supremacy is on the rise around the world a a consequence of the United States. But critics say otherwise Karam Dana, a professor of Middle East politics and director of the American Muslim Research Institute at the University of Washington, Bothell, has said that the “United States is the epicenter of the world in terms of how white identity is seen.”

A recent New York Times opinion piece adds some important nuance, though. It’s not necessarily the case that Trump inspires individual violent instances directly (though he has made some veiled threats along those lines), Trump’s rhetoric tends to inspire a general rise in the kinds of ideologies that inspire violence: white nationalism, outsider syndrome, and more.

Laurence Tribe, a Harvard law professor, has suggested that the danger Trump poses––evidenced by the Christchurch killing––goes beyond the spread of violent ideologies. Tribe believes that Trump has inspired an unprecedented number of constitutional crises in his tenure, and by the time 2020 rolls around he may have stretched the boundaries of appropriate democratic expectations to the breaking point. Tribe worries that Trump may refuse to leave office, and his ridiculous behavior might make that less unacceptable than it would have been under another president.

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  • This new trend of violence seems very dangerous. The world political leadership prefer force instead of resolving issues through meaningful negotiations, may be they do’n’t have the ability to understand and negotiate.

  • Yes, I agree with accman.

  • The world will be full of violence
    They want nothing but power.
    All leaders satisfy the ego

  • This all because of the popular politics!