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It’s time everyone starts seriously worrying about China

Posted by / January 7, 2019

There’s a reason that China has dominated the news cycle for the past month or two: we’re witnessing the rise of the new world superpower. It’s ruthless, it’s authoritarian, and the entire world should be nervous.

In the past months, we’ve relayed the following stories about China:

  • The genocide perpetrated against the Uighurs. It began by calling the Uighurs, a predominately Muslim ethnic minority, subversive. Then China began forcing the Uighurs into forced labor camps. Now, China is targeting Uighur intellectuals, in much the same way Nazis targeted Jewish intellectuals: “The mass detention of some of China’s most accomplished Uighurs has become an alarming symbol of the Communist Party’s most intense social-engineering drive in decades, according to scholars, human rights advocates and exiled Uighurs.”
  • China’s authoritarian population control methods. social creditThe Chinese have instituted a Black Mirror-esque scoring system. The worse your “social credit,” the harder your life becomes––think worse jobs, worse schools, worse pay, and fewer opportunities.
  • China’s Cold War against the United States. waging a Cold WarAccording to a top CIA expert, China has been against the U.S.. China’s recent bellicosity (re: invading Taiwan and sinking U.S. aircraft carriers) supports that view.
  • Landing on the dark side of the moon. Landing on the dark side of the moon is more than just a cool scientific and technological feat. It’s a symbolic act that shows dominance in those fields. It’s also, potentially, evidence of China’s long-term strategy. The dark side of the moon may contain mineral resources that China will be in a better position to exploit.

All of this indicates that China is positioning itself for international dominance in the next fifty years. As the U.S. and Russia continue to bicker, China will silently gain ascension.

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