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Top Twitter Follows for Covid-19 Virus

Carol Yin (

8bit Investing (

Isaac Bogoch (

Infectious Diseases physician and scientist

Jonathan Rothberg (

Working fast on home #coronavirus test. Invented fast DNA sequencing

Tom Inglesby (

Director, Johns Hopkins SPH Center for Health Security

Jody Lanard MD (

Former WHO senior pandemic influenza comms advisor

Cate Cadell (

China correspondent @Reuters

Amesh Adalja (

Infectious disease MD working on pandemic policy, emerging infections, preventing bioterror

Scott Gottlieb, MD (

Resident Fellow @AEI . Partner @NEA . Contributor @CNBC

@Covid19 (

Balaji S. Srinivasan (

Taught bioinformatics at Stanford

Michael Mina (

Asst Professor of Epidemiology & Immunology & physician @ Harvard School of Public Health/Medicine

Abraar Karan MD (

doctor @brighamwomens @harvardmed | working on #COVID19 epidemic response

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The Twitter followers were based on a list created by Naval, you can follow that list here.

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